Sundays from 9 - 9:45am

Morning Forum will be held on Sundays, September 16 through December 16. We meet from 9-9:45am in the Community Room or Chapel for a conversation-based forum. Sometimes we have a Bible Study or explore an aspect of Christian faith or practice; mostly we explore issues that encourage engagement in the world. See schedule notes below.

September 16  
Rev. Amanda Gerken-Nelson and Anna Czarnik-Neimeyer share with us about the work of Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries (ELM) as it launches #Proclaim300,a week of celebration and gratitude (September 17-23),  sharing online about extraordinary gifts of LGBTQIA+ leaders, honoring those who have gone before us, offering prayers for a messy and beautiful community of God, naming barriers and triumphs faced by LGBTQIA+ people in the church, and inviting others to learn more about ELM and Proclaim.

September 23
As we prepare to package another 75,000 meals later this week through GiveShareEat, Pr Joanne Engquist invites us to explore our Lutheran heritage of service, drawing from Dr. Samuel Torvend’s excellent book, Luther and the Hungry Poor

September 30  
Following PLU’s Lutheran Studies conference on this theme, we will reflect on “Black Bodies and the Justice of God,” exploring more of what we need to learn so that we have a fuller picture of humankind and the gifts and needs of God’s people.

October 7
After the summer when the world watched Tahlequah (J35) grieve after her calf died, we want to learn more about this iconic species of the Pacific Northwest. With their survival in peril, how might we be mindful of them differently as we bless animals and pray for deeper awareness of our interconnections? Read this article from The Atlantic as preparation, and come learn more about the Orcas. 

October 14
Explore with us Gethsemane’s latest exploration and celebration of the arts as we welcome Kristen Gilje whose silk banners were hanging in the sanctuary  during the summer. Kristen is a painter with “a love affair with nature” who describes herself to be “on a mission to reconnect sacred earth back into our humanly constructed sacred spaces.” GLC is delighted to be working with her on a commission for our sanctuary. 

October 21
The global church’s remembrance of the evangelist Luke (a physician) on October 18 prompts us to look at health and healing. What does healing look like in our lives, and in our communities? What roles do parish nurses and pastors play in healing? GLC member Ralph Fateiger will share insights he's gaining as he completes a program in Faith Community Nursing.  

October 28
On Reformation Sunday, we ask ourselves to consider how we might make changes in our lives both at home and in church to live out a desire for greater ecological justice. Learn from community members who share their own stories of the changes they’re making. 

November 4
Today is All Saints’ Sunday, and Pr Joanne Engquist leads an exploration of the saints among us using GLC Stories as a springboard for our conversation.  

November 11-18
Thanksgiving is near and many of us will gather at tables for celebrations with friends and family. But the acts of gathering at table and giving thanks are part of the church’s weekly life and, hopefully, part of our daily living. Come to this series (or any part of it) to explore intersections of food, table, community, justice, and more. 

November 25, December 2 and 9
Explore the biblical stories of Christmas in this series led by Pr Kari Lipke (11/25) and Pr Joanne Engquist. We’ll think together about what is different in each one, wondering together about the impact of these differences on the way we understand the story as a whole. To prepare, read the stories in Matthew 1-2:18Luke 2:1-20John 1:1-18. For added perspective, try them out in different versions/translations, too!

There will be no morning forum on Sundays, December 16, 23 and 30. 

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