Sundays from 9 - 9:45am

Morning Forum will be held on Sundays, February 24 – May 19, 2019. We meet from 9-9:45am in the Community Room or Chapel for a conversation-based forum. Sometimes we have a Bible Study or explore an aspect of Christian faith or practice; mostly we explore issues that encourage engagement in the world. See schedule notes below.

April 14 and 21
No forum presentation because of Holy Week and Easter.

April 28 — Conversation regarding Sanctuary.

May 5 — Disability Justice and Intersectionality:
Meet with guest speaker, Adanna Abakporo, Inclusion and Diversity Training at AtWork! (a local non-profit working with people with disabilities to get good jobs) to discuss ableism and the ways we view disability in relation to the intersectionality of race, gender, poverty, and citizenship. Disability justice is critical to deepening our social justice work, understanding intersectionality, and pushing back against stereotypes of tragedy, inspiration or irresponsible burden perpetuated by ableism.

May 12 — Harm Reduction:
Learn about the principles and roots of harm reduction policies, programs, and practices aiming to minimize negative health, social, and legal impacts associated with drug use, drug policies, and laws. Harm reduction strategies promoted by public health initiatives are still met with resistance from the public (i.e. safe injection sites, clean needle exchange, etc.). Come with an open heart and mind. Come heroically struggle with your own ethical/moral dilemmas as we learn together.

May 19 — Transformative Justice and Community-Based Solutions:
Transformative justice (TJ) is a way of practicing alternative justice which recognizes oppression as the root of all forms of harm, abuse and assault. TJ works to actively resist the state’s criminal injustice system—TJ is a liberatory approach to ending violence which utilizes community-based solutions for safety and accountability without using alienation, punishment, or reliance on State systems (including incarceration or policing). You will learn about the values of TJ and engage in reflection on ways these principles could be integrated into your own social justice framework. Come light up your imagination and creativity as we reimagine community solutions to violence/harm.

Morning forum will resume after Labor Day.

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