"We trust, we doubt.
We struggle, challenge,
and seek."


As Gethsemane Lutheran Church and The Garden, we commit ourselves to forming and reforming as a community of Christ in the heart of Seattle, land of the Duwamish.

We are people of many gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, abilities, ages, races, nationalities, and ethnicities. We are housed and experiencing homelessness; struggling with addiction and living one day at a time; employed, and retired. We are working through physical, mental, and spiritual health issues.

We are neurotypical and neurodiverse. We come from and live in many family structures. Some of us sing, some of us don't; some dress casually, some formally; some have tattoos, some piercings, some no body art at all.

We trust, we doubt. We struggle, challenge and seek. We affirm that black lives matter, that the earth and all life must be treasured and protected, that science is a valid practice, that no human is illegal, and that immigration status is not a condition of belonging.


"Together we are a beloved community sharing God's love with joy and compassion."



Leadership Team

Joanne Engquist, Lead Pastor  |  Kari Lipke, Pastor  |  Hannah Andrist, Administrator  |  Alex Ruth, Welcome and Security  |  Christina France, Community Engagement Coordinator  |  John Paulson, Cantor  |  Una Hwang, Keyboardist

A group photo of the Church Council of Gethsemane Lutheran Church located in Seattle, WA.

2019 Church Council

Ann Haywood-Leal, President  |  Derek Rogers, Vice-President  |  Geoff Abel, Secretary  |  Anne Oppermann, Treasurer  |  Ginette Bailey, Jenny Fingles, Bill Sutherland, and Gloria Winters, Members-at-large  |  Joanne Engquist, Pastor  |  Kari Lipke, Pastor