Led by Pastor Joanne Engquist and located in the heart of downtown Seattle, Gethsemane Lutheran Church is dedicated to being a presence, 'In Christ, In the City.'


Sundays, 10am
Forum, 9am | Choir, 9am
Refreshments, 11:15am
1st & 3rd Wednesdays, 12:15pm


Sundays, 10AM



Each Sunday we gather for a meal of thanksgiving called Eucharist. During an hour or so together, we share word, song, and prayer to remind each other of God's love for us and all the world. We listen to each other, sharing concerns and hopes. We eat and drink to remember Jesus who shows us God's love on the way, at the table, and to the end. Following worship, we usually share stories over some coffee and snacks in the community room.

At Gethsemane, our worship is liturgical. That means we follow ancient patterns that gather us to reflect on God's Word, share a meal, and send us in service of our neighbors' needs. Our worship is also contextual. We listen to current voices that help us to know the needs of local and global communities, and invite us to engage more deeply with our whole lives.

On Sunday mornings until 1:30pm, we provide free parking in any unreserved space in the Aspira Public garage (enter from the alley between Stewart and Howell).


Sundays, 11:15AM


Following worship, many people stay to share stories over refreshments in the community room. But this isn’t meant to be simply an add-on because people are ready for snacks. (We usually are ready, though!) Instead, this community time is intended as time to practice hospitality, a time to gather around coffee tables both to extend and receive welcome. Welcome of our selves, our stories, our experiences. Toni Morrison once observed, “Is it any wonder the most intimate conversations take place in the kitchen, anguish poured out to an aproned back or sputtered over a chopping board?” In the church, coffee hour offers itself as a kitchen of that kind: a time and space for receiving. Some folks even skip worship, coming only to this time. And that is totally okay.


Other gatherings



In addition to the Sunday activities, GLC offers many different opportunities for worship in community – even opportunities outside of the building.  Check out the schedule page for information on other gatherings.



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